Thursday, December 30, 2010

BMX Bike for Sale- $250

So I was walking through my garage last night and I noticed how cluttered it was. Long story short, I am selling a lot of stuff. One of the things that is for sale is my BMX bike. I use to do tricks and all of that jazz, but I got tired of hurting myself. The bike for sale is a Specialized Fuse 2. It is a freestyle BMX bike and is in great condition. There are some scratches on the front fork, but they are from using it. The saddle has a tear in it from doing a tail-whip that went wrong. I am selling it for $250. I got it for $400 brand new. Let me know if you are interested. Email me at

All-City Dropout

So I am looking at my bike this morning and noticing that paint is chipping away off all of the frame the frame. I don't think the frame is worth getting it repainted, however it is a sweet vintage frame. What I really want is an All-City Dropout frame. It is simply beautiful. Sea foam green color. The head badge has a ton of work done on it. Just beauty. Only problem is that it costs more money than I have. Here are a few photos of my dream frame.

 Gray version of the frame.
 First prototype ever made.
 Such a cool color

Pictures from All-City Cycles. You can read all about it at the website. They describe the geometry really well and how it is like a large BMX frame, gnarly.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Surfing the Web

Thought it was really cool.

A Couple of Nights Ago

 Lock and Keys.
 Bernardo. Looks bad in this photo
 Bernardo keeps Tabasco sauce and hair product next to his bed.
 St. Anthony Main. We saw "True Grit" and it was really good.
 Snowing across the river.
 Another bridge.
 It was really cool that night, because it just snowed and the blue lights were reflecting off of the snow.
Bernardo's dog is part dingo! His breed is called Australian Cattle Dogs.

This is What I look like

Just to let you know what I look like.

Cleaning My Bike

I realized last night that my bike was dirty as hell. My chain barely had any lubricant, black snow stuff caked on the tubes of the frame, and the wheels looked horrible. I don't have O.C.D. about the cleanliness of my bike, but it didn't look good at all. Plus it gave me something to do today, which I needed badly.
 Took out my spoke cards to clean them off also. Local cartoonist, Roger Lootine, makes a really cool spoke card for Minneapolis being the number one city to bike in. Used a brand new bandanna to clean some of the dirtiest parts. The only way to brake in a bandanna is simply to use it a ton.
 Betsy (my bike) was pretty dirty, but I cleaned her up nicely. I made a huge mess in the living room.
 Christmas tree in the background. Still has wrapped presents under it.
Bike grease from my chain ring got on my forearm. It looks like it could be a super sweet tattoo. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WasteBasket II for Me

Another gift I am even more stoked about is my WasteBasket II. I have been obsessing about the new Wastebasket that Trash bags have been making. Andy has really made the new fanny pack look super sick. I have been teased by friends when I show it to them on the website. The one friend who thought it would be ridiculous to own one unless you are a messenger actually got it for me.  Bernardo, you are the best. He wrote "Levi's Fanny Pack" on it with sharpie, because he didn't want to pay for the custom art option. Custom art or not it is still a great present and I have been using it nonstop. Here is a little review of it.

 Has a nice size compartment. Andy describe it eligible space as "It can hold like three beers", hilarious. The outside clip, which is only featured on the Wastebasket II, helps hold a ton of stuff. It has a Cordura fabric outside layer (Woven nylon and super strong).
 The inside is lined with a waterproof rubber layer. Nothing will get through this thing, except a bullet.
 It has an outer inside pocket to keep smaller things. I keep my knife, keys, and sometimes phone in it. The pocket has Velcro to keep it closed and makes it easy to get inside of it while riding.  The big inside pocket Holds a lot and i was surprised it did. I fit my tool kit in, small bottle of Vinegar, a large bike pump (it was sticking out a little bit). I was running errands which was the cause of the weird contents.
 The strap is made out of a seat belt material. Has a huge clip on it and I like it. The back of it can hold your U-lock. 
 It feels really nice resting on my hip. It is easy to access stuff while riding. The strap is a little big for me, but I am a skinny kid.
It just looks sweet and I recommend it for anyone who is tired of carrying there messenger bag to only hold a couple of items. I have never been a messenger before, but i would think it of it to be useful. The only problem was when it would get caught on my saddle, but I just needed to slip onto my hip more. So in conclusion, I think it is an awesome little bag to use during races, errands, or whatever.

Christma Gifts

Just some smaller things I got for Christmas that I am super stoked about getting.

Blackburn Airstik SL mini pump.  Its so small and so sick that I was thrilled to get it. I just want to get a flat to use it. Small enough to fit in my bag and big enough to fill my 700c x 25 tires!

Crayola 64 pack of crayons with the sharpener in the back. Its something so small, but means so much. Reminds me of when I was little and watching the movie "James and the Giant Peach", weird.

Rubik's Cube. Just awesome.
Fox biking gloves. I am tired of getting blisters when riding my BMX bike. I plan to use them when I get my All-City Dropout, fingers crossed.
Those are just some small gifts that I am really excited about.

Trouble in High School

My buddy Bernardo got in a little trouble at school for a "Bike Jerks" t-shirt. The teachers, who are women, thought it was misogynistic and degrading to women. I think the shirt is funny and rather clever. Anyways, he is not allowed to wear the t-shirt at school or he could be sneaky by not lettting the teachers read it. Here is a picture of the shirt.

I guess they thought the "Good Girl" part was offensive. whatever.

Sorry I Haven't Posted Anything in Long Time

So winter has really kicked in this year which means the start of winter mean the start of finals and ass kick. My ass to be exact. I am not going to slack any more and will keep posting. I don't know why I am going to keep doing it, because I don't think anyone really reads this shit. Hope all is well with your holiday season. My Christmas with the family was awkward and frustrating, but aren't all families at one point? Anyways hope they continue to be good for the New Year!